30 quick tips for a better healthy life for you and your family

Health is our most precious possession and we must preserve it in any way. Here are 30 quick tips for maintaining a healthy life. You should try to implement these tips:

1- Drink plenty of water.

2- Stop drinking soft drinks.

3- Milk is better than juices that contain sugar.

4- Avoid eating while standing.

5 - Avoid eating in front of the TV because it leads to an increase in eating subconsciously.

6- Increasing protein intake causes a feeling of satiety without gaining weight.

7 - Make sure to eat a bowl of salad daily.

8- Try to satisfy the desire for sugars by eating fruits.

9 - Use natural honey in the sweetener instead of white sugar.

10- Replace baked products made with white flour with flour made from whole grain wheat.

11- Dark chocolate is more healthy.

12 - Greek yogurt is better than traditional yogurt.

13- Salted nuts are unhealthy, nuts without salt are very healthy.

14- Olive oil is better than vegetable oil.

15- Coconut oil is better than butter.

16. Reduce your intake of sweets.

17-Fibers regulate blood sugar and regulate bowel movements.

18 - Try to sleep early.

19 - Try to reduce the number of hours of watching TV.

20 - Eat a lot of foods that contain antioxidants.

21 - Always maintain breakfast.

22- Replace white rice with brown rice.

23- Replace fried food with baked or grilled food.

24 - Eat a lot of natural herbs.

25- Reduce eating from the outside as much as possible.

26 - Exercise regularly.

27-Not eating immediately before bed.

28 - Eat slowly

29- Avoid stress.

30 - Visiting the doctor at regular intervals for a general examination.

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