Beauty Tips: 10 negative attitudes

You need to be careful for beautiful skin and hair. Avoid unethical habits and tricks are always beautiful

Protect yourself from the sun, clean your makeup every day, decide on products that suit your skin that will cause these changes. With a little encouragement (and nothing but laziness) it is possible to maintain the beauty of your hair and skin and keep your youthful look long. Just fix some bad habits and make easy (but effective) relationships that will last a long time.

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1 Make sure you have your makeup on
2 Do not use products that do not match your skin type.
3 Be sure to go out and skirt.
4 Avoid Styling
5 Don't forget the sun
6 Prevent dirty skin
 Remove dirty bricks/a>
8 Do not contaminate the contour of the eye.
9 Do not move the edge.
10 Stop Smoking
Make sure of your makeup
Daily skin care with cosmetics spreads and produces defects: wrinkles, irritation ... not to mention pillow stains.

Good manners

Even after all the hard work or the night, try your makeup. Use the appropriate dryer or cotton wipe with makeup. How is the skin clean? If cotton is white, OK!

Do not use products that are similar to your skin type.

Miraculously, the Revolutionary Cream's latest announcement ... is this product made for you? When it comes to beauty products, we make bad decisions. How to Avoid Mistakes? Determination of skin type.

Depending on the appearance of the oily skin, the appearance of impurities and excessive glow, a product should be processed twice a day to give a cleaner and better color. Sensitive skin It can easily cause irritation and should be removed with a mild soap solution. Finally, in the case of mixed skins, moisturizing masks prevail, saving the food in the best parts: neck enhancement, neck ...

Good manners

Choose the natural product for your skin by carefully reading the packaging information.

Don't forget to get out and about.
Face care is missing in the stream. Neck and neck are equal to light. Even those parts of the body are sensitive and subject to external violence: sun, wind, cold, heat ... But, they often seem like neglect of Taoism.

Good manners

Spread your daily cream, sunscreen or scrub around. If the skin in this area is not too tight and has wrinkles, find the right product for that area.

Avoid Hair Addresses
The lock is here, the other corner is split there ... True, hair care takes time. But the satisfaction of leaving a hair dresser with a cut or new color is priceless.

Good manners

To keep your hair straight, cut out the tips and red every 2-3 months and make a weekly mask for shiny and shiny hair.

Forget the sun
The best way to prevent wrinkles is to protect the skin from the sun: UV rays are responsible for aging the skin. Contrary to popular belief, the sun is present all year long. Even the winter sun has effects on the skin. Therefore, a shield containing at least 30 safety factors should always be used.

Good manners

Update your lawyer several times a day for effective protection. Hats and glasses are acceptable during the heat of the sun.

Stop adviser skin
Certainly skin cleansing is a good habit, but keep in mind that excessive cleansing or dampness can not only irritate the skin, but also promote fat moisture and bacteria.

Good manners

Depending on your skin type, do not apply moisture once or twice a week.

Dirt shocks
For beautiful blends with smoky effects or colors, there's nothing like a brush to smooth the tones and, first of all, put bacteria on the skin.

Good manners

Wash the envelopes once or twice a month, dip in a little shampoo and allow the air to dry.

Do not remove the content of the eyes.
One of the delicate parts of the eye, it is also the first victim of abuse: excessive sunlight, lack of sleep ... rapid eye lesions are produced in the eye that become scar.

Good manners

Use humid space that will be moist and moist even inside the bags or when there are signs of fatigue. Finally, wear glasses to protect the area from sunlight.

Do not move the broom.
This is very interesting, but weak muscles can enlarge germs and cause inflammation, not to mention the wound ...

Good manners

Be careful with these products and dry them with a treat. If the grain is really visible, cover it with a stain product or base.

Quit smoking
If you are still looking for a good reason to quit smoking, remember that in addition to being harmful, smoking can lead to health, deep wounds, and skin rashes. Say goodbye to tobacco to keep the silk rooted and the skin youthful.

Good manners

Try to be quiet. To avoid shining on your face, make a dirt mask and face it

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