Beauty tricks you never thought of

.Beauty is an inexhaustible subject because women have been, are and will be concerned, to a greater or lesser extent, on how to look better. And experts in this field, from all over the world, are also interested in discovering strategies that are most effective in this regard.

Glamor has revealed some of the best beauty tricks gathered from specialists around the world.

1 . How to avoid premature aging of the skin/a>

The skin on the hands, neck and neckline betrays the age, these areas being as important as the skin. That is why it is essential to protect them, especially as they get older even faster. Always treat the areas mentioned with cream that has sun protection factor.

2. How to get more beautiful nails

Cheese, nuts, garlic and onions contain vitamins that are good for hair and nails, so you should try to consume them more often.

3. How to get rid of the dryness of the hands quickly

A lesser known trick in this regard is to gently rub your hands with the white part of a lemon peel. Eventually you will feel small stings, especially if you have very dry hands, but the problem will improve significantly immediately.

4. How to always have a French note

Always give yourself lipstick, no matter what the situation. The French do not use lip gloss too often, preferring lipstick, often red, and usually do not leave the house unpolished.

5. How to prepare masks for normal and oily skin

If you have oily skin, mix a tablespoon of sandalwood powder (you can find it in the natural shops) with a little turmeric (as much as you can take with three fingers) and a few tablespoons of orange juice. Apply mask on face and face, let it dry and then rinse with cold water. If you have normal skin, use rose water instead of orange juice.

6. How to have sexy eyes

Afghan women have beautiful eyes and I know how to highlight them in a sexy way. The most used makeup in this sense consists only in drawing a contour around the eyes with a dermatograph.

7. How to revive your skin after sleep

In the morning it is ideal to use floral water or tonic water if you want to revive the skin after sleep and give it a shine. Most women in France do this, sometimes even during the day.

8. How to get a light foundation

Mix a splash of skin with a little face cream and apply on the skin. You will cover the imperfections without seeing that you have given yourself with foundation.

9. How to have more beautiful hair

Indian women are known for having beautiful hair. And many of them achieve this with the help of oils. It's coconut oil, olive or almond oil, which you apply to your hair once a week. Massage the scalp about five minutes, let it act for 10 minutes, and then shampoo.

10. How to stimulate hair growth

Coconut milk helps hair grow long and thick. Massage the scalp with it, allow it to act for about an hour and then wash it.

11. How to strengthen the nails

A beneficial trick for fragile nails is to add a garlic puppy cleaned of bark and chopped into a bottle with a base for nails (transparency). It's surprising and unusual, but it really does have an effect.

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