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CONTENTS A neat and orderly life Beauty Hair health


A neat and orderly life
Personal hygiene
Don't forget to exercise
Medical examination
Learning and work
Leisure and recreation
Hair health
Strengthen relationships
Positive thoughts
Don't forget to relax
Don't brunch food
Health is the basis of a systematic lifestyle. The New Year may change the wrong practices that have been followed yesterday. Let it be a reflection. 101 Healthy Habits For Those Who Want Healthy Change In The New Year.

'' I will turn one in January. Everything will do exactly that. Get up early in the morning. Will exercise. All tasks will be done on time. '' This is the hard way most people take every year.

But this vow will not last a day. When making new decisions, everyone should be aware that they can do so. So make very simple decisions first.

It is only necessary to take drastic oaths after the implementation. Decisions must be healthy. 101 Healthy Habits to Prepare Yourself for the New Year

A neat and orderly life
The key to health is a good life. Time management plays a key role in this. The next day at 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

This kind of style is not good. Sleeping and getting up late can adversely affect our body. The function of the 'biological clock' in the body is to slow down. This can lead to health problems such as insomnia and indigestion.

1. Try to keep time in the morning, including getting up at night and eating. Time management is very important. If you want everything to go well, the timing must be accurate.
2. There should be individualized planning in each case. Keep in mind each day's do's and don'ts. Do what needs to be done.
3. Discipline reflects the personality of each. Discipline is essential for success in life. Good discipline will maintain healthy relationships.
4. List your daily to-do list. This will correct the memory lapses. Most people blame forgetfulness. Remembering what happened the previous day when you get up in the morning can help boost memory.
5. Arrange everything in the office at home. Cleaning habits will reflect everything. You may not waste time searching each one.
6. You have to take full responsibility for your own affairs.
7. Don't mix things up in the office or at home. Mental happiness will be eliminated
8. Try to get things done in a timely manner, whether in the office or at home. This can cause you to change things again and again
9. Set a personal goal for life. Getting closer to it will help you a lot.
10. Students must keep a separate file for study purposes. This planning will make for better learning.

Personal hygiene
Cleaning the body alone does not make a person clean. Cleanliness extends to washed clothes and clean footwear.

11. Use only clean clothes. Reusing the garment once a day can lead to infection by the cells.
12. Bathe twice daily. In these times of increasing pollution, body hygiene is essential.
13. Eat in clean conditions. Gums can also enter the body through food. This can lead to food poisoning.
14. Don't use other people's clothes It can also lead to skin diseases.
15. Use a hand curcifier Keep it clean
16. Brushing twice a day will improve the health of your teeth
17. Take precautions when sick. Be careful when visiting patients in hospitals.
18. People with excessive perspiration should bathe at least twice a day.
19. Reduce the use of plastics. This will help prevent pollution of the environment
20. Maintain personal hygiene as well as personal hygiene. New diseases occur due to lack of hygiene. Especially from animals and water to humans.

Don't forget to exercise
In today's scenario, most people don't have the opportunity to spend energy on the work they do. Therefore, the importance of exercise should be noted.

21. 1 hour daily

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