In the list of health tips published in The Independent newspaper, there are

In the list of health tips published in The Independent newspaper, there are suggestions that everyone can easily apply at any time. Here's what you need to do for a healthy life.
1-Eat a garlic clove every day: Garlic reduces the level of chemicals that can cause disease in the body by 48 percent while preventing the aging of the brain and lowering cholesterol.

2-Do not neglect exercise: One kilometer a day or three times a week light exercise reduces the risk of heart disease.

3-Wholemeal products protect from cancer: Consuming bread, pasta or shelled rice containing bran four times a week reduces the risk of cancer by 40 percent

  1. 4-Do not missing vegetables and fruits: Those who eat vegetables and fruits, especially tomatoes, red grapes, broccoli, have a lower risk of heart attack, cancer and diabetes.

5-Stop eating fast: Hamburger, french fries etc. Remember that one third of your heart disease is caused by these foods before you eat foods such as and give up fast food.

6-Working with low back pain is good: Research shows that those who have low back pain recover more quickly when they continue their normal activities rather than lying down. It is better to act on the condition that you do not push too much.

7- Get fish on the table: Eating fish regularly reduces the risk of heart, and the fats in the fish strengthen your immune system.

8-Reduce salt: Experts who say, “Excess salt invites paralysis and heart diseases” find it inconvenient to consume more than 5 grams of salt per day.

9- Grape seeds protect from cancer. Grape seed is the most natural antitoxin known.

10-Coffee benefits: Studies show that two cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of colon cancer by 25 percent and the risk of stones in the gallbladder by 45 percent. However, consuming too much coffee can cause high blood pressure.

11-Continue tea: Experts state that those who drink plenty of tea have a half risk of dying from a heart attack.

12-Tok diets are useless: Stay away from diets that promise “three kilos a week”. If you want to lose weight, try to do this in the long run, not weeks.

13-Attention to overweight: According to a new study, every new weight gain by overweight people is reduced by 20 weeks. Losing excess weight protects against heart, cancer, joint inflammation diseases.

14-You need selenium: Selenium, which is a natural protector against cancer, is abundant in products such as nuts, peanuts, fish, and grains. Those who take selenium every day reduce their risk of cancer by 37 percent.

15-Lower Cholesterol: Exercising and reducing fat and salt lowers cholesterol, which helps protect you from heart attack and stroke

16-Miracle drug aspirin: Aspirin, which we take as a pain reliever, protects us from heart disease, stroke and cancer.

17-Regular sex enhances immunity: According to experts, having sex four times a week increases the Iga substance that protects the body from flu. They also look ten years younger.

18-Learn to relax: Relaxing by socializing and hobbying is good for mental health. Also, relaxing exercises three times a week prevent stress and depression.

19- No smoking: Quitting smoking is now easier, nicotine bands and gums, acupuncture etc. You can try methods like. If you cannot give up completely, reducing it will also be beneficial for you.

20-There is a cure for bad breath: Experts recommend brushing twice a day, using mouthwash, as well as eating fibrous foods such as carrots and not drinking too much coffee to prevent bad breath.

21-Sing for health: Doctors say that singing is good for mental and physical health. Singing relaxes, replaces breathing exercises, is good for depression and even prolongs life.

22- Murmur for healthy sinuses: Singing by humming also opens the sinuses, preventing sinusitis.

23-Do not be sleepless: Sleep is effective in the good functioning of the immune system. Insufficient sleep leads to a lack of concentration.

24-Take vitamins every day: Vitamin tablets, including folic acid, protect you from cancer and heart disease.

25-Moisturize your skin: Do not neglect the moisturizer to protect your skin from sunscreen creams in summer and cracks and wrinkles in winter.

26-Apple is good for teeth: Blackberry prevents the bacteria from sticking to the teeth and reduces the risk of gum disease, while fiber foods such as apples, oranges, carrots and spinach strengthen the teeth.

27-Attention when choosing a partner: Experts point out that chronic conditions affect both sides in the relationship between men and women, and says that the risk of a chronic sick person's wife is six times higher.

28-Do not forget to drink water: People who drink five glasses of water a day reduce the risk of colon cancer by 50 percent.

29-Health benefits of friends: Doctors point out that relationships with friends improve memory.

30- The healthiest profession marketing: In England, sales people make up the healthiest profession group. People in this group suffer little from occupational diseases

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