Supplements. Should I use them?

11. Supplements. Should I use them?
Only those who have not tried them, or those who do not accept them as expected, do not believe in their positive action. And on my own behalf, as the author of this article, I want to inform you that they personally positively affect me. And if you live in the northern latitudes, where there is little sunlight, I especially recommend eating mountain calcium. In any case, it will be missed, even if you often consume dairy products. Calcium supports the strength of bones and teeth.
12. Movement is life!
It seems that everyone knows that movement enhances immunity, but, unfortunately, not everyone is given the opportunity to move as intended. However, this can be avoided, especially if you do not live on the first floor. Forget the elevator. Walk if you do not live very high. And if you get to the house by transport, get off at one stop earlier, and overcome the rest of the way at your own expense.
Recommend these good health tips to your loved ones and more. Be healthy!

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