The importance of water. Leisure health tips

Preparations for next summer are already ahead. Roads, travel plans, home, shipping, friends are already part of the agenda. In most "reports", there is no shortage of health recommendations and protection and treatment related treatment.

For suicide, drug packages are important, important for dealing with any minor inconveniences and dangers associated with our "new" life. That they are not serving is open to worship and desire, but there is no principle to their beliefs.

Anti-peritoneal, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, sweets, lactose, tooth, tooth, eye contact and anything else we may need in our physical and medical conditions, geographically selected place, the tools needed to achieve it. ۔

Self-propelled air and turnips, beetles, disease injections (machinery, etc.), eggs or pesticides, minor injuries (hematomas, ecchymosis, bodily injury, root rot, brushing, toothache, cancer, cough, fever, Avoid different flu, and so on.

Brainwashing and cleaning can be done to cover local anti-microbes and local anesthetics, even in the case of sun and wind, as well as insects or jelly. Anesthetized creams, legumes, and antigenic creams can be used to fight adjuvant diseases, which are also effective in casting minerals. Against ear infections, antibiotics are useful for cleansing and inflammation.

We do not "depend on the medicines that should be used, we will find them in our place." This medicine may not be available, may not have a name, role, composition, etc. There should be no premature ejaculation, resistance to other drugs, food or alcohol before you go out to learn how to use them. These are the indications that a pharmacist or a physician will allow us. So self-esteem (prevention or treatment) is with us. Can be purchased without a prescription (but pharmacy advice is always needed), with the presence of "red dot that is hilarious" in the packaging.

But focus on transportation. It is advisable to carry the kit with you, in the upper book, in the package. Contents can be very hot or cold (in airplanes for larger luggage, such as temperatures below 30-40, such as the increase of active ingredients in drug packs).

For any doubt, just visit

"Even water can help: In the case of wood / jelly, yellow or yellow, the use of ice can help relieve and reduce inflammation. Helps reduce inflammation, inflammation, and inflammatory gastrointestinal processes, even when treating gastric or pancreatic diseases, by Dr. Ovidio Bergoli, General Physician and General of the Society Vice President of Medical and Primary Health says: Do you have diarrhea and gastric ulcer: Water helps us to lose rare fluids and chemicals in these cases. , A good hydra that can help to lose diarrhea.

But the basic elements of water used for drinking. "Drinking brings health." Water is one of the most important components of the human body and is the essential substance for our bodies to function. According to research conducted by the Accurate Assessment Associate (a part of the National Self-Help Association, the federal system), Italians try to use one and a half liters of water daily, while experts estimate that, although two of them Is one of them. The fact is that drinking less is important for health: About 90% of women who know the benefits of water for health and 77% know that drinking does not have adverse effects on the body. In fact, 50% of Italians believe that

"Generally, adults should use at least 1 liter of water a day and half a day in the form of a liquid. Of course, the amount of Brainwool, age-related factors (1 liter is enough for a baby), Geographical location - hot water should provide plenty of water) and lifestyle (those who play or work most where they are not fluid) should drink more. "

Feeling of thirst is not always an indicator of stress and drinking. For example, it appears in the Old World when sometimes this organism is in red. In children, being able to see or express yourself (for those who care about water to prevent and analyze the symptoms) is important.

Compliance 4 requires drinking at least one liter of water. Most of them are 55 and women who are at high risk of drinking are drinking less water.

Winter and heat require more water.

It should not be surprising that in the heat of Italian consumers heaters, alcohol, which consumes about 70 70% of the people, and then consumes black stone (46% more fruits and vegetables (40% - 5%)). Air and cooling are ordered (30%).

Many foods, such as fruits and vegetables, say Paolo Vani, a pharmacist and a member of the federation - are in the water and therefore not only need to be taken regularly and daily. Even skin, like all epithelial tissues, must be kept hygienic. In addition to performing mechanical and physical tasks, it acts as a protective shield against the external environment .. Fresh skin, yes, but it is also clean and safe: it should be cleaned, but not embarrassed, because over-washing can be a component. will remove the skin that protects it

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