Fruit masks to enhance the brightness of the skin

Fruit masks to enhance the brightness of the skin

Fruit masks enhance the brightness of the skin
Skin is a sensitive topic to every human being. This skin care is why we are doing it constantly. However, 'facial masks' are made with various types of fruit ingredients like banana, guava, pomegranate, papaya etc. In skin care can be important in keeping away from various skin problems. Organize us today with some tips on rhetoric. So let's not know, the benefits of different fruit masks:

Pea mask for winter skin problems:
Guava is a fruit that is most effective for the body. Guava contains vitamin A, C and estrogen-rich ingredients, which removes acne, blemishes on the skin. So first you have to learn how to make a mask. For this, the mask should be made by mixing 1 tablespoon oatmeal powder and 1 tablespoon honey with half a cup of guava powder. Then it should be washed with cold water for 20 minutes after rubbing it in the mouth. The mask should be used 2 days to a week to get good results.

Bananas and honey masks:
The mask made of banana and honey is especially effective for oily skin. Vitamins and nutrients in bananas help reduce acne on the skin. To make the mask, mix 1 tablespoon honey and a small amount of lemon juice with the banana. Then the mixture should be washed with warm water for 5-20 minutes.

Pomegranate for radiant skin
Regular use of pomegranate removes the roughness of the skin. First, grind some pomegranate seeds and mix it with 1 tablespoon green tea leaves and prepare the mask. Then, after drying the mixture for 20 minutes, it should be washed.

Papaya and egg white
The papaya and the white part of the egg tightens the skin. Besides, remove papaya enzymes A, C and papain enzyme from dark spots on the skin. To make the mask, first take two cups of ripe papaya and 5 eggs into two separate containers. Then the two mixes should be pasted together and rubbed in the face after 5 minutes.

This is how facial masks are made by the fruit help protect and enhance the beauty of the skin. We use herbal, herbal and many foreign products to keep the skin beautiful. However, products made with natural ingredients in skin care are the most beneficial and safe. Because they do not have side effects or harmful effects. And if anyone has an allergic national problem, that's different. See you again, until then everyone will be healthy, well.

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