how to Detoxify your liver to lose weight

With today's lifestyle and an unbalanced diet, the liver produces and stores too much fat. It is important to clean it from time to time of toxins and wastes which can slow down its function.
What is liver detoxification?
When you are overfed, the body stores food and turns it into fat. The toxins accumulate causing liver problems in the form of constipation, impaired urination or obstruction of the gallbladder.
The majority of people who want to lose weight or who suffer from these disorders have their liver purged. Purging avoids all these inconveniences. The liver works better and the metabolism speeds up. Hence, more chances of being able to lose weight.
The liver cleanse is done by consuming certain foods and natural supplements. But, a medical opinion is necessary before starting it. Do not abuse purges, they could be dangerous for your health. Bleeding the liver from time to time improves liver function and regains energy. Some people have seen weight loss and improved skin appearance.
How to purge your liver?
One of the functions of the liver is purification. Because of it, it is forced to accumulate harmful toxins which must be got rid of. It is advisable to make a cure every 3 to 4 months with one of these recipes which have proven their effectiveness. It is recommended to prepare your body a week before the start of the purge by consuming the following foods:
The grape : it activates the depurative function of the liver and the production of bile.
Avocado: it protects the liver in case of toxic overload and increases the purifying effect of the purge.
Apples: their richness in pectin and chemical components help the body to eliminate toxins which are in the digestive system.
Carrots and beets: they are rich in flavonoids and beta-carotene which stimulate liver function.
Green vegetables: Excellent for depuration of the liver thanks to chlorophyll which absorbs toxins from the blood stream. They are true protectors of the liver.
Artichoke: it is a digestive tonic which activates the function of the gallbladder.
The escarole and the endive: they make it possible to empty the vesicle in a natural way.
Whole grains: they facilitate fat metabolism and liver function.
Olive oil: it is useful but in excellent quality first press.
Green tea : it contains a lot of catechins, beneficial for the liver.
Consume these foods a week before and after purging.
Liver purge recipe:
- Ginger, garlic and grapefruit juice: Take the juice of a grapefruit, that of 2 lemons , add 2 cloves of garlic and agrated ginger rootAdd this mixture to 250 ml of distilled water and two spoonfuls of olive oil. Mix everything and drink once or twice. This purge is to be done once a season, at the weekend.

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