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To have healthy and radiant skin in the morning, your skincare routine counts! Cleansing, hydration, exfoliation ... But here in this jungle of cosmetics, each more promising than the other, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Focus on good practices, with La Canopée, Grassoise brand of 100% natural, vegan and  cosmetics.

Your face, you will clean

An essential gesture: evening cleaning! All day long, your skin absorbs all kinds of impurities such as pollution, make-up ... It is therefore imperative to release your skin. La Canopée recommends double cleaning. The first step ? Use a cleansing oil that will remove all lipophilic impurities, that is to say everything that is attracted to fat: pollution, sebum, makeup. If you don't wear make-up, but wear a full screen, this first step is also essential. Massage your face gently then rinse with warm water. Second step? Use a more aqueous cleaner: jelly, milk, or foam. This will work more deeply and remove all the remaining impurities. Your skin is now very clean! You can stop there,

Your skin, you will hydrate

The needs of the epidermis change according to the seasons, hormones, sun exposure ... This is why it is advisable to use a moisturizer, morning and evening. Juliette, advises you to mix it with a few drops of serum for better efficiency. The active ingredients of Canopy products are diverse and will also allow you to choose what you want to work on: hydration, regeneration, purification ... And many more

Exfoliate, you will not forget

Exfoliation is important to help cell renewal and nibble on dead cells. Warning ! No grain scrub on the face! This causes mini-lesions and weakens your face. Prefer exfoliating masks with fruit acids. It is precisely these acids which, chemically, will remove dead cells from your skin, but no more! The right rhythm? Once a week. Exfoliation is very effective, especially to fight against small pimples. They form when the skin thickens. Sebum and toxins encounter difficulties in passing the epidermis: this is how imperfection appears.

Your pretty face, you will admire!

You will understand, to have beautiful skin, you have to take care of it! To do this, adopt these simple gestures on a daily basis and favor natural products. You don't have to have a whole bunch of them, just the ones that fit you. Do not hesitate to ask a diagnosis from professionals for the development of a routine in order to use care adapted to your needs.

Zoom on the Canopee

A 100% natural, vegan and Made in France cosmetic brand for the greatest happiness of your skin! These are two sisters, Cécile and Juliette Munoz, one engineer in green chemistry and the other designer and communicator, who embarked on this wonderful adventure a year ago. A common passion for cosmetics, nature and animals ... Three years of research and creation later, the brand offers 26 references available online and at 70 points of sale in France, Europe and the French overseas departments and territories. The best seller? cleansing black jelly that fights hormone related skin problems. Composed of lemon, tea tree and lavender, it is used morning and evening for perfectly cleansed skin

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