how to lose weight fast and one 1 week

lose weight in 1 week
It is not uncommon for our customers to ask us how many pounds they can lose in 1 week. Weight loss is an aspect that interests thousands of people and wanting to lose weight 
quickly is an often-announced goal. However, quickly and efficiently do not mix. Many diets offer you to transform your figure in 7 days. However, losing weight involves heavy sacrifices, fatigue and potentially a disturbance of the body.

Watch out for 7-day express diets!

There is no shortage of 1-week diets either on the Internet (see here or there ), in magazines, or on television. The more enticing diet , the less it will work . Today, we all know that dieting to lose more than 2 kg in 7 days is dangerous for your health and will put you on the kneecaps. Added to this is the fact that the faster a diet, the more difficult the yoyo effect that will follow will be . If you want to lose weight quickly , know that the pounds, too will come back as quickly. Indeed, the yo-yo effect, which consists of losing weight on the scale and then gaining a lot more, is not a myth. Therefore,if you want to get back in shape, don't be fooled by express diets and take your time.
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How to lose weight in 1 week?

In 7 days, you can aim for a weight loss of between 500 grams and 1 kilo. Losing 3 pounds in 1 month or 1 kg in 1 week is achievable . This range is correct and without risk to health. In the context of a diet, you should have a medium-term vision. Losing 1 kg a week will effectively lose weight since it will lose 12 kg in 3 months . To lose weight and never gain weight , we focus on diet and 100% personalized sports sessions , ideally with the support of a sports coach.

Play sports !

Sport will allow you to increase your energy expenditure . Choose a sporting activity that motivates you  : running, cross training , squash, jump rope , zumba , cycling, swimming, etc. By focusing on HIIT- type efforts if possible ... Over 7 days, you can plan a maximum of 4 sports sessions. This will give you 1 day of rest between each workout. If you are more sedentary, we advise you to go much more gradually with 2 weekly sessions for 15 days then 3 sessions the following 15 days to reach 4 workouts per week if no pain or injury is felt.
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Eat better!

If you want to lose weight in 1 week, your diet will obviously be closely monitored. No need for slimming pills (such as fat burners or the famous XLS Medical products ) , fasting for a week, or express slimming programs. The goal is to have a healthy and balanced diet . In 1 week, no time to lose. We change our habits from Monday morning at breakfast. Fewer breads, less jams, less sugars . Suddenly, more fruit, green tea and cottage cheese. During your day, watch out for snacking . At 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., replace the chocolate bars with fruit and it will be 500 kcal less!
Just by making these changes, the extra kilo will have disappeared by the end of the week , without having to change your lunch and dinner.

Lose your pounds but spoil yourself!

This slimming week should not be experienced as an ordeal. To lose weight and avoid the yo-yo effect, avoid frustrations . The changes in the base will have to be real but gradual. If from the 1st day you put all your desires in the cupboard, there is no doubt that the natural will gallop very quickly. To lose pounds over 7 days, you should therefore review your breakfast and snacks. The following week, you can tackle lunch and the following week for dinner. In 3 weeks, you will have lost 3 kg without even noticing it and your "diet" will be in place to continue your momentum.
In summary, it is certainly possible to lose 3, 4 or 5 kg in a few days but this will be harmful for your health and you will resume them as soon as the diet is over. Be progressive in your changes so that they are sustainable over time. Losing between 0.5 kg and 1 kg per week is a consistent goal.

Need tailor-made support?

Professional sports coaches, we can support you in your weight loss process. Thanks to a sports program and tailor-made nutritional advice, you will lose weight serenely and above all sustainably! Find your sports coach

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