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How to prepare for Lent

Orthodox Christians consider this period, which ends with Holy Week, and then, April 19, Easter, the most important. At the same time, Holy Pentecost is a rather difficult period both from a physical and spiritual point of view. For seven weeks you need to refrain from food of animal origin, as well as from bad habits and various entertainments. However, for many people, such a sharp transition to long-term reading is very difficult. Therefore, as doctors and priests say, it is important to prepare for it.
From a medical point of view, a sharp rejection of meat food is stress for the body. And this, in turn, can exacerbate the chronic diseases that a person suffers. Doctors urge you to determine in advance how strict the food restrictions will be.

What medicine says

Doctors urge you to follow simple rules that will help rebuild the body. “During the Maslenitsa week, which precedes Great Lent, you don’t need to eat your favorite high-quality foods - the same pancakes. Firstly, it is fraught with stomach distension, and secondly, the combination of such food with fat sour cream, meat or fish is a bomb delayed action, especially for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, "says RIA Novosti professor at the Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, nutritionist Margarita Koroleva.
Therefore, you need to gently abandon banned post products. And at the same time, there should be more and more vegetables and fruits on the table.
"They should not be in the form of juice, for example, but fresh. Plant fiber will reorganize the body into products that are easily digested and require relatively little time to digest. Dairy products also belong to this category if there is no individual intolerance. The main thing is that the body I felt healthy so that we were active - then we’ll enter Lent calmly, ”the nutritionist notes

Church point of view

According to the Orthodox doctrine, before Lent, spiritual preparation is also important. Not for nothing in the church calendar this period is preceded by three special weeks, which gradually set believers on the Holy Fourth.
“On Wednesday and Friday of the week of raw-buttery - Pancake week - divine services are already being held according to the Lenten Charter. But from the liturgical point of view, this is a special period when special prayers are read. Therefore, you probably need to calculate your time in advance so that you get to the church for service, especially in the first four days of fasting, ”emphasizes in a conversation with RIA Novosti the well-known church journalist Hieromonk Makarii (Markish).
In addition, the Church is urged to enter Great Lent without any mutual insults. To do this, you need to reconcile with relatives, friends, colleagues and colleagues, asking them for forgiveness.
"Actually, this tradition, which occurs on the last day before fasting (Forgiveness Sunday. - Ed.), Originated one and a half thousand years ago in the monasteries of Palestine. The monks spent all seven lean weeks in complete solitude in the desert, so before to disperse, they reconciled with each other, knowing that someone might not have come back to Easter. I think that this story needs to be remembered by those who are going to fast, "says Father Macarius.
Nevertheless, there are no common principles for preparing for Lent, he assures. In a good way, this question needs to be discussed with the priest. After all, according to the monk, "not man exists for fasting, but fasting for man

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