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Often this happens when you are scheduled the first date, or you are preparing for a wedding, anniversary or other significant event and the first thing you pay attention to is a figure.

You want to lose those extra pounds.
And if you want to do it quickly, then often these are not very healthy methods.
Of course? it all depends on how full you are and how fast you want to lose weight.
Nevertheless, your best strategy is a pre-selected period of time and not the shortest. If you want to achieve the result with healthy methods.
Many say that a month is an ideal length of time. In addition to losing weight, you can develop healthy habits that you can adhere to even after your weight loss period.
Therefore, I suggest you start a month of healthy habits for you to achieve maximum results.

How much can you lose weight in a month

True, right away, let's figure out how much you can lose weight ...
The number of kilograms with which you can safely part for a month depends on various factors. This is your current body weight, and nutrition, and activity level, sleep, stress, and so on.
If you are not the fattest person, then you can lose from 3-4 to 6-8 kg.
Although many experts claim that losing more than 1 kg per week means that you are losing the necessary muscles and water, not fat. Therefore, rapid weight loss can drain you, lower your energy level and make you weak.
But again, all this is individual. Fuller people can safely lose 2 kg per week.

How to clean your stomach at home

As experts point out, if you want to be in good shape, you must change your diet and lifestyle in the first place. But remember the main thing - exercise is 20% success, and your diet is 80%.
In order to proceed to the preparation of your diet plan for weight loss, you need to clearly know what to eat. Next, you need to know what exercises for losing weight at home are easy to perform in order to achieve a positive result.
So let's start with the restrictions ...

What not to eat

An approximate list of products that you should refuse in the next month. Let's say:
  • sugar in any form (try replacing it with dark chocolate, dates, honey, stevia, but everything should be moderate too)
  • flour products from premium flour (they contain gluten, which clogs your intestines, while not allowing it to work correctly and end the digestion process)
  • sweet carbonated drinks
  • reduce your carbohydrate intake (pasta, cereals eat them sparingly. But make sure the pasta is made from durum wheat)
  • remove seals, canned food (they are full of fat, sugar and harmful additives that prevent your hormones from working properly)
  • refined oils and products cooked with this oil (as well as food purchased at the store)
That's just it. Let's move on to what is.

What to eat to lose weight faster

Always include these weight loss boosters in your nutrition plan ...

1. Sour Citrus

Fruits such as orange, lemon, kiwi, mandarin, fresh lime can serve you as an excellent fat burner.
Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which boosts metabolism and burns fat faster than other fruits.
Many Western experts advise consuming citrus fruits with many other fruits that burn fat also effectively. This is an apple, watermelon, grapes and strawberries. They will help speed up your results in losing weight.

2. Colored vegetables

Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, beans and peas are all rich in minerals. And more importantly, they do not contain fat. Yes, and yet, the calories in them are also very few. They are very important in our healthy diet.
No need to cook vegetables with lots of oil and spices. Best of all, when it comes to salad, add a small amount of olive or sunflower unrefined oil.

3. Various legumes.

Legumes are very rich in amino acids, especially lentils. It will help you reduce your meat intake. Legumes are also low in fat and few calories. They are super nutritious and help you feel more full for longer.
They must be included in your diet.

4. Oats for breakfast.

Oatmeal contains insoluble fiber and some carbohydrates that do not allow you to feel hungry for a long time. She will give you strength for a better workout.
It is good for regulating insulin levels in the blood.

5. Nuts for a snack

A handful of almonds or walnuts are good enough to support you and not make you hungry.
Nuts are foods that are rich in healthy fatty acids that help you burn fat faster on your stomach and sides. They will not add harmful calories to your menu.

6. Eggs

Protein-rich eggs. They are low in calories and fat. In addition, it is known that they help increase your metabolic rate.

7. Fatty fish

Salmon, herring, tuna are very rich in healthy protein and of course fats. They will help to boost your metabolism. And good fatty acids are effective in burning belly fat.

8. A lot of water

Water increases your metabolism. You need to drink water between meals, and not during. This is also important. If you drink water while eating, you will dilute the beneficial substances that help digestion.
Thus, you will worsen your digestion and may even get food poisoning.
And also remember that if your food requires additional fluid from you, then most likely you eat a lot of salty or sweet.

Exercises to burn belly fat faster

Exercise is important in burning fat on the stomach and not only for various reasons.
It is one of the best ways if you want to live a long, healthy life and avoid disease.
However, this does not mean that you should not leave the hall to become slim. You just need to find those best and simplest exercises that you can easily perform at home to lose weight faster.
The most effective aerobic exercises (e.g. walking, running, swimming, etc.). This has been proven in one of the studies.
One of the studies proved that physical exercises prevent people from gaining excess weight on their stomachs after losing weight. It also indicates that exercise is especially important during weight maintenance.
However, aerobic exercise is difficult to perform at home. Therefore, I offer you particularly effective and simple movements that you can easily repeat.

Exercise 1 - rotation of the legs

The rotation of the legs will produce fat on the stomach, as well as remove cellulite from your thighs and buttocks. This is a very effective exercise!
  • Lie on the ground and place your hands along the back, palms down (as in the picture).
  • Lift both legs higher at an angle to the ground about 45 degrees.
  • Start rotating them clockwise first 10 times. Then repeat the same movement counterclockwise. We do everything without a break.
  • Initially, start with 2 sets of clockwise and 2 counterclockwise turns. You can even, so I recommend you, if it's difficult, to start with such a movement with one foot, then the other.
  • Beginners can also bend them at the knees, and then turn.
  • In general, 5-6 approaches without rest, for more advanced ones.
You will feel, during such exercises, tension in your abdominal muscles and hips.

Exercise 2

  • Lie in the same position as in the previous exercise. Hands also lie along the back.
  • Lift your legs up at an angle of 45 degrees from the ground. Then lift them up and down.
  • Repeat for a total of 5-6 sets.
  • But, if you are a beginner, you can do, as shown in the figure, with one foot, then with the other foot. That is, the first 10 repetitions up and down start with the right foot, and then continue with the left foot the same 10 repetitions.
The first few days will be painful. This is not the easiest exercise. But it always turns out to be easier with practice, right?

Exercise 3 - Twisting

Twisting works wonders in its effectiveness in reducing abdominal fat. It is especially important to do this exercise correctly.
  • Lie with your back on the mat, bending your knees and feet on the ground. This is an exercise option for beginners. If you are already doing this exercise easily, you can also raise your legs 90 degrees from the floor (as shown).
  • Now raise your hands and put them behind your head, you can keep them crossed on your chest, also right.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale as you lift the upper body from the floor.
  • Do this exercise in 10 repetitions. As a beginner, repeat 2-3 approaches.
  • Raise your torso 30-40 degrees from the ground. It is very effective, you will feel pressure and burning in the abdominal muscles.

Exercise 4:

Lie on the floor and hold your hands either on your side or behind your head, as in twisting (exercise 3).
  • Now lift one of the legs higher, bending at the knee, for example, the right.
  • Raise your torso at this time, as in exercise 3. But turning it, bring the elbow of the opposite hand to the knee. Just like in the picture.
  • Then, raising your left leg, bring your right elbow closer to the knee.

Sample One-Day Weight Loss Diet

Having learned all the intricacies of nutrition, you can easily estimate your diet plan for losing weight for one day. Here's what it might look like:
  • start your day with water (it is better if you drink water with lemon or cucumber, for example)
  • after 30 minutes, breakfast (Greek yogurt, or oatmeal with wild berries, or 2 boiled eggs and a few slices of vegetables or green leaves)
  • after 2-3 hours a snack (a handful of any nuts: almonds, cashews, Brazilian, walnut)
  • lunch (steak from lean beef, or chicken breast, or salmon with lots of vegetables)
  • after 2-3 hours a snack (2-3 any fruit, for example, an apple and an orange)
  • dinner (oven-baked potatoes with herbs or vegetable soup with a slice of whole grain bread)
That's all. Remember only the water you need to drink between meals.


If you want to lose weight in 10 days, then following those tips you can easily lose your 2-3 kg.
But remember that losing weight should not be an insurmountable task. If something doesn’t work out for you, you may have health problems, such as hormones. You will have to consult a doctor for additional advice.
Assess the situation objectively. Despite various fancy diets and exercises that are aimed at losing weight, you can not get rid of fat in only one separate place. If you want a flat tummy, you need to reduce the amount of adipose tissue in your body by eating a low-calorie, high-nutrient diet and exercising to burn calories. You may not be able to achieve a flat tummy of your dreams in a month, but you can discover new healthy habits that will positively affect not only your tummy, but also the rest of your body.


Part 1
Review Your Diet
    Reduce your calorie intake. If you want a flat tummy, you need to get rid of excess fat tissue, this can be achieved if you burn more calories than you consume. By reducing calorie intake, you force your body to use internal reserves - the fat you are trying to get rid of.
    • In general, 0.5 kg contains about 3,500 calories. In general terms, this means that you have to burn 500 calories more per day than you consume in order to lose 0.5 kg per week. It is this rate of weight loss that is considered reasonable and healthy.
    • When you are trying to reduce calorie intake, you need to count the number of calories, choose low-calorie foods with high nutritional value. For example, vegetables, fruits, meat. Search the Internet for tables that show examples of how to replace meals with relatively simple foods and reduce the number of servings to significantly reduce calorie intake.
  1. Consume more fiber foods. These are fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grain products - they not only contain a large amount of nutrients, but also a lot of fiber, which contributes to weight loss. The recommended daily dose depends on gender and age. Find out from this table how much fiber you need to consume.
    • Some people believe that the stomach swells from fiber, so they are advised to consume less fiber for those who want a flat tummy. In fact, fiber helps get rid of adipose tissue, which makes the stomach seem less bloated.
    • In addition, fiber provides a feeling of fullness, which also helps to reduce daily calorie intake.
  2. Prefer low-fat protein foods. Such as fish, poultry, low-fat dairy products - they contain a lot of nutrients, few calories and unhealthy fats. In addition, they will provide you with the energy that you will need for exercise - they are also necessary for the acquisition of a flat tummy.
    Eat soups. Maintaining a proper diet means striving to get enough, while consuming as few calories as possible and as many nutrients as possible. Therefore, even a simple food such as soup can be very healthy.
    Do not believe the myths about foods that burn fat. Do not believe the phrases that that cocktail or this protein bar helps to get rid of belly fat. There are no products (like exercises, for that matter) that burn fat in a specific area of ​​the body. You can only reduce the total amount of fat in the body throughout the body.
    • Nevertheless, there are products thanks to which the stomach can become flatter due to the fact that they eliminate bloating and accelerate the metabolism. For example, these include foods that are high in fiber, foods that don't contain sodium, and probiotics.

    Part 2
    Perform effective exercises
    1. Remove excess fat like clothes! This is a simple comparison, but it gives an idea of ​​the types of exercises that make it possible to reduce the amount of fat by making the tummy flatter. Think of the layer of fat that envelops your stomach (and other places), as a kind of "coat", the purpose of which is to maintain the heat of your body. Your goal is to remove this "coat".
      • Think about it if you were wearing a light jacket, what exercises would you need to make you want to take it off? Most likely, aerobics, so that you can warm up enough and take off your jacket - brisk walking, cycling, dancing, swimming and so on. Exercises aimed at the work of the cardiovascular system will help burn maximum calories so that your body begins to draw energy from the so-called "fat jacket".
      • It should be noted that in addition to cardio exercises, you need to perform exercises aimed at increasing muscle strength. Cardio exercises help burn fat during exercise, but muscle mass allows you to burn fat while you are at rest. Thus, building muscle will ultimately help burn more fat. For bone health and proper metabolism, you need to alternate these types of exercises.
    2. Alternate exercises for the cardiovascular system. To get rid of fat and weight loss, you need to perform cardio exercises every day for 30-60 minutes. These exercises should not be intense, but should increase the heart rate and breathing, because of which it will not be very comfortable to talk, and a light sweat will appear on the body (once again remember the comparison of fat with a jacket).
      Include strength exercises in your workout. Keep in mind that you will not be able to get rid of adipose tissue on your stomach by shaking the press, however, do not neglect strength exercises, because they are aimed at the abdominal muscles. Pumped up muscles will change the shape of the abdomen and will help the body burn calories at rest, and not just during training in the gym. Research results show that people who are engaged in strength training, the percentage of adipose tissue in the body is less than those who pay attention only to cardio training.
      Make a little variety in abdominal strength training. Ideally, instead of focusing on tonic exercises that target your abdominal muscles, find exercises that involve the rest of the muscle group. These exercises often cause intense stress, which contributes to the burning of fat. In addition, the inflated muscles of the back, chest, shoulders and legs not only improve posture, but also make the stomach slimmer.

    Part 3
    Work on the look of your stomach
    1. Watch your posture. Your parents were right when they constantly reminded you to keep your back straight. Try to remember your posture when standing and sitting - correct posture can hide your stomach, even if you have not yet got rid of the main part of the adipose tissue and have not toned the abdominal muscles.
      • Many of us tried to walk with an inverted belly, but at some point the muscles still relax. But the result of correct posture is a fairly constant phenomenon. If you learn to maintain posture, the effect of a flat stomach will remain.
      • Read the article, “How to Stand Straight,” in which you can find some simple tips and exercises for good posture.
    2. Work to reduce stress. You can hang the blame for the round belly on our cave ancestors. The fact is that the “hit or run” reflex, which could protect our ancestors from saber-toothed tigers, causes the release of cortisol, which is a signal to the body that it is necessary to accumulate fat in the abdomen as an additional reserve of energy for difficult times.
      • One way to lower your cortisol level is to try to reduce your overall stress (that is, the “hit or run” reaction). In turn, this should help reduce the amount of fat in the abdomen.
      • Read the article “How to Relieve Stress,” which describes many methods that can help you identify and reduce stress.
    3. Lack of sleep also causes stress, and it leads to an increase in cortisol, which contributes to the accumulation of fat. A normal amount of sleep, sufficient for your body, will help lower the level of cortisol in the blood, therefore, it will change the mechanism of fat storage.
      • Most adults need 7–9 hours of sleep per day, but everyone’s exact needs are different. It offers some useful tips that will help you determine how many hours of sleep you need, and will also help you get as many hours of sleep as you need.
    4. Fight bloating. In addition to excess fat in the abdomen, bloating may be the main reason for the absence of a flat stomach (if it occurs frequently). Make some changes to your diet and change your habits to get rid of bloating.
      • Excessive salt intake is a common cause of bloating, as it helps retain water in the body. Not using salt at home is a good idea, but a lot of sodium is consumed with finished packaged foods. Be sure to read the composition on the label to check for sodium in the product and try to lower your salt intake or at least not increase it.
      • Carbonated drinks usually not only provide our body with extra calories without carrying nutritional value, but can also cause bloating - another reason why carbonated drinks should be discarded.
      • Flatulence can sometimes occur due to digestive problems, so consuming dairy products containing can help some people fix this problem. Choose yogurts and  that contain "lively and active cultures."
      • Keep in mind that constipation can also cause bloating and a feeling of heaviness. Exercise is one way to get rid of constipation.

The stomach is something that we are very tired of and what we want to get rid of most of all. Here is something that everyone needs to work on, both man and woman. It is very difficult, but the result is worth it. Start practicing, eat right and you will succeed the main thing is to do everything and then you will succeed. We will consider how to remove the stomach in a month, two months and three months.

Just choose the option that suits you the most. It is very comfortable. But do not entertain yourself with hopes if you find that the stomach can be removed in a week or two. This is unrealistic. It just can't be. The abdomen is the most problematic area. That is, it is necessary to work on it for a long time and hard.

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