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A new infection is much more dangerous than expected: it gets

A new infection is much more dangerous than expected: it gets sick again, masks do not protect, tests lie 

A new infection is much more dangerous than expected: it gets

The ruble is rapidly becoming cheaper. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation set the exchange rate on the morning of February 26, 64.92 rubles per dollar, 70.45 rubles per euro. And by noon, the "American" rose to 65.47, the euro - to 71.2.

What will happen next depends not on news from China, but on the new outbreaks of the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus - from the north of Italy, South Korea and Japan. Investors clearly panicked and get rid of the "papers" of developing countries, leaving in the dollar cache or in the US public debt. In particular, on Black Monday February 24, GDR quotes on the London Stock Exchange fell . So, VTB shares fell by 4.3%, Sberbank and Gazprom by 5.1%, Norilsk Nickel - by 5.6% Lukoil - by 6%.

In Italy, the number of cases is close to 350 cases, in South Korea it has exceeded one thousand, in Singapore it is approaching a hundred. The bad news comes from Iran, Spain, and Japan. The World Health Organization is sounding the alarm about the infection of people who were not in China and did not contact patients at all. Oil added fuel to the fire that 195 people were infected again in the PRC.

International financiers see a particular danger in the “Italian” tantrum. 7 people have already died in the country, which provoked a social crisis. As he writesAnna-Lisa Merelli (from Bergamo), a reporter for the Quartz portal, "the crazed townspeople, preparing for the worst, devastated grocery stores and ATMs." People make several walks to supermarkets a day to create stocks that will allow them to survive the threat under “home quarantine”.

The panic search for the so-called zero patient, the first Italian who brought the infection into the country, the local media describe as a “witch hunt”. This man seems to have already been found, but upon arrival from China he was tested for coronavirus, which turned out to be "negative." What is it? Test Errors, Doctors Mistake, or Covid-19 Mutation? No one gives an explanation.

According to Merelli, Chinese and Asian communities have become the target of local nationalists and simply evil townspeople. Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy’s far-right political party, called for an end to all trips between Italy and China. And then close the country to migrants from African countries.

In Italy, and generally in the EU, it is widely believed that coronavirus is more insidious than politicians and public health officials say. The fact is, even doctors who take all precautions are sick. So, in the small Italian town of Codogno, the couple didn’t know where the infection came from, but soon five tests for the doctors and nurses on Covid-19 who were watching and treating them turned out to be “positive”.

“You can get coronavirus from anyone,” Veneto Zaya said. , a regional representative of the Italian Ministry of Health, “there are already cases when people who do not have contact with patients who come from China get sick.”

The director general of WHO, Tedros Adhan Ghebreyesus, who told reporters in Geneva that the Covid-19 has the potential to become a pandemic, added fuel to the fire Moreover, each country must itself respond to the danger, based on its assessment of the threat.

As for Italy, Tedros Adhan Ghebreyesus said he was “deeply concerned” about the outbreak of coronavirus. After all, this is one of the largest states of the European Union. Meanwhile, in Milan, in a tourist bus from Rome, a patient was found with symptoms similar to a Covid-19 infection. And this happened after the head of the civil defense of Italy, Angelo Borrelli, introduced quarantine in 11 cities of Italy.

Already today everyone understands: special measures, including quarantine of dozens of cities, shutdown of factories, and termination of business contacts, will have a very bad effect on the "well-being of the economy."

So Enoch YuThe economic columnist for Southeast Asia’s largest South China Morning Post, writes: “Worse than the financial crisis, deadlier than SARS: Coronavirus is pushing Hong Kong to a decade of bankruptcy.” According to Kong Chi-Hau , chairman of the Hong Kong audit, since the beginning of the year the number of companies closed has increased by 14%, and this is only the beginning, writes SCMP.

Against this background, it is particularly alarming that there is no information from the capitals of the Asian republics of the former USSR, although Tehran, together with Beijing, maintaining strong ties with them, reports of numerous sick Iranians and deaths. There is no doubt that the local authorities will prefer to remain silent if “suspects” suddenly appear. Otherwise, goodbye labor migration to Russia and billions of transfers to their homeland.

It is logical that in many poor states politicians and experts have already appeared who claim that "the coronavirus problem is many times exaggerated." Say, only old people die from Covid-19, and mortality fits into the annual lethal statistics for influenza and SARS. ”Like, what difference does it make for elderly people to die from a simple cold, flu or infection from Wuhan?

Consequently, some will decide, or worse, will already solve the epidemic problem simply and quietly: coronavirus victims will be written off (or already written off) for flu or pneumonia. The result is an interesting but poorly explainable picture of why Covid-19 patients were detected in the EU and the USA, but not in the most magical way in developing countries. Moreover, if European doctors say that you can catch the infection anywhere and from anyone.

As for China, according to the South China Morning Post, factories in the PRC have finally started working, and offices have been opened, although quarantine is maintained in several cities. According to Tedros Adhan Gebreyesus, the peak of the epidemic in the Celestial Empire was passed from January 23 to February 2. So, now you need to monitor the hands of medical officials in developing countries. Especially in Central Asia. Those will lie, and they will not blink an eye, hiding behind state interests
Source: http://www.parahat.info/news/200307-ru

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