WHO divided countries into four groups depending on the

The World Health Organization has divided all countries of the world into four groups depending on the incidence of coronavirus . Each group is given instructions on how to behave in the context of the spread of the disease.

The document is published on the WHO website .
WHO has identified the following categories of countries:
  1. Countries without cases of COVID-19.
  2. Countries with 1 or more cases imported by the virus or detected locally (sporadic cases - this group includes Ukraine).
  3. Countries in which clusters of cases are observed over time, in different territories and / or by overall impact (case clusters).
  4. Countries with large outbreaks with local transmission (community transmission).
The goal of all WHO countries has been to stop transmission and prevent the spread of the virus.
Based on the goal, specific tasks for countries are identified:
  • slowing and stopping the transmission of the virus, preventing outbreaks and
    delaying the spread;
  • providing optimal care for all patients, especially seriously ill patients;
  • minimizing the impact of the epidemic on health systems,
    social services and economic activity.
For ordinary people in countries of all categories, WHO recommends hand hygiene, breathing etiquette, and practice social distance.
Earlier, Country provided WHO advice on  how to distinguish flu from coronavirus .
We also published world statistics on coronavirus on March 10 : the total number of sick, recovered, and dead.

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