be healthy simple health tips in urdu

how to be healthy simple health be well health tips in urdu
how to be healthy simple health be well health tips in urdu

Living a healthy life is paramount. Health is wealth, as the old people say. Therefore, the food we eat in and around our body must be healthy in order to maintain our health at all times. If we do not pay attention to these things, we will become victims of many ailments.

Here are nine important ways to live a healthy life.

1. Exercise is no
substitute for hard work. Exercise is a must for a healthy body. Exercise helps to prevent cholesterol and ease digestion. Exercise for the heart and body alike. Exercise at least four days a week. It is just laziness to say that we don't have time to do it. Everything is easy if you change the laziness

2. Regularly diet
diet is important for our health care. Always eat good food. We should get 50% carbohydrate, 30% meat and 20% fat from our diet. We get more carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. Balanced diets help you to have a good anatomy with less muscle weight.
3. Drink plenty of
water Water cleanses biological poisons in our body. Water helps in weight loss and muscle building. Men should drink three liters of water daily. Women should drink two liters of water. Lack of water causes the body to suddenly become tired. Therefore, drinking plenty of water daily is essential for your body.
4. adequate sleep
a day, seven to eight hours of sleep. Sleep helps you to get rid of tiredness for a day and to stay hydrated. Avoid daylight. If it is no longer necessary, do not sleep after three o'clock. Daytime sleepiness can cause our body to stumble. Calm sleep is essential for health.
5. Manage stress
and physical and mental illnesses due to a lot of mental stress. Mental health is one of the leading causes of obesity. One precaution is not to give too much weight to your mind by thinking about money and the future. Be happy with what you have now and enjoy life. Because we do not know how long we will live. It is also good to see a psychiatrist at some point.
6. Make Good Friendships
Good friends are a factor in a healthy and happy life. When we share our joys and sorrows, we get mental rest. It is good to communicate with our friends at a distance using modern systems. This gives us enthusiasm.
7. Quit Smoking Quit smoking is called silent killer. Our movies are one of the reasons why smoking is so prevalent in adolescence. All the others in the movie are trying to emulate this. But if we give up everything else, we still become addicted to smoking. Smoking is extremely harmful to our body. Every day, many people die of lung cancer due to smoking. It also affects the health of those around us while eliminating hunger and hunger.
8. Perform checkups, respectively,
the disease has to try and come to the understanding of cikitsikkunnatinekkal. The greatest benefit of medical examination is that any disease can be detected early and cured. Check with a doctor for advice.
9. Specifically, the brush, and
most of the food we eat contains sugar. These can damage our teeth as sugar can attract bacteria. So brush at least twice a day. It also helps to reduce readability.

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