The most powerful heavy food and health

The most powerful heavy food and health

Heavy metal chelators  help us remove heavy metals from our body. We know how much these metals can harm us Mercury  causes serious damage, especially to our brains.
But lead, cadmium also, or arsenic, aluminum, nickel and of course

It is  equally important not to accumulate them  in us by mistakes
to seek to eliminate them.

What are heavy metal chelators?

Substances, natural or synthetic, which are capable of binding to
heavy metals.
That is to say, these chelators trap them, wherever they are
But so that the chelators help us to really remove heavy metals
they must  also  evacuate them from the body.
And unfortunately this is not always the case.

The best heavy metal chelators are ... oxalates!

Victory, we will be able to eat our almonds, our chocolate and our tofu.
No in fact, not at all.
Precisely  these oxalates  do not allow heavy metals to leave the body.
Oxalates are among the most powerful for trapping mercury and lead
However, the crystals formed are insoluble  and are deposited in all tissues.

Unlike other chelators that get heavy metals out of the body,
oxalates trap them inside the body.
Whether you cook them or not, for a long time or not.

Oxalates are therefore perfect accumulators of heavy metals.
Calcium oxalate crystals are very poorly soluble, for example.
Well mercury or lead oxalate crystals are thousands of times
(chemical study and demonstration published by a medical academy
It is not surprising that it is frequently found  in autistic children
both  a high level of heavy metals and a high level of oxalates.

About juices very rich in oxalates

Following the hospitalization at the Mayo clinic in the USA of an 81-year-old man,
a study published showed  the link between its serious
kidney  problems  and a very high level of oxalates
The most powerful heavy food and health
He drank large quantities of vegetable juices to lose weight
very rich in oxalates.
He exceeded the daily dose on average of more than 1000 mg of oxalates.
Sometimes going up to 5000 mg.

The dose of 50 mg per day  is often considered the limit for the body.
Which involves small portions of all of these foods strong in oxalates.
And not the same day anyway, like I said  in the comments

Of course age was a factor in weakening kidney function in this
81 year old gentleman.
But we know that so are many of us much younger,
but under  too much stress , among other reasons.

How do you get rid of heavy metals?

I approach this subject even if it is not that of the article, because I know very well that you
go ask me what are the good heavy metal chelators!

It is legitimate to want to eliminate heavy metals from your body when you
knows the dangers.
Prevention , of which I gave an example above, obviously does not allow
to make a profit. However, it is more than essential.

The health world has been offering for a number of years now
number of solutions to act against the presence of these heavy metals.
 Natural or chemical solutions , effective or less effective, expensive
or less expensive.
I would add that this problem feeds an infinitely lucrative activity for some

With sometimes, despite these high costs,  results that can be very serious.
Many readers experience a more degraded state of health than before the intervention which
was supposed to release them from these heavy metals.
I hope this is not your case.

My research to remove heavy metals from my body

I have been learning about this for a long time.
Like you probably I bought a lot of chlorella, coriander and garlic
All this is well known.
Since my investigations became more pointed I acquired  two or three
  •    never, absolutely never, I will never remove my amalgams,
I will die with it!
  •    I will never use chemical chelation. There are procedures that
use chemical heavy metal chelators presenting real risks.
Which also remove essential minerals, and sold as
often with magnesium stearate and other treats.
  •    chlorella and even cilantro may not be more
almonds to remove heavy metals from the body.
Almonds are better and so much cheaper!

I don't want to freak anyone out but  using chlorella and coriander is
strongly not recommended   for those who still have their dental amalgams.
Opinion of health professionals specialized on this subject.

What I chose for me as a heavy metal detox

If you have to suffer from a dentist for many sessions, while
ruining the removal of my dental amalgams, I simply refuse.
Without any real guarantee of not being much more intoxicated than before! 
The most powerful heavy food and health
By dint of searching I found mostly food, natural substances,
inexpensive food supplements (rarely the ones we hear about)
which can lead to a detox of heavy metals without side effects  .
By helping the body to function better to better remove heavy metals.

I've been putting this into practice for almost a year.
It is not at all a detox which would be practiced as a cure
punctual. Especially not.
For this it is necessary to be  followed by a professional trained on this precise subject.

Because the success of the procedure depends on the capacity of each person to detoxify, between
others from acquired or innate genetic factors.
On which we must eventually act.
Otherwise we can try everything, detox will be very difficult if not impossible.

No, it is about continuously helping the body to remove heavy metals  ,  
daily, gradually; what is possible.
Thanks to inexpensive and proven practical solutions of course.
Without forcing the body to eliminate too strongly and quickly.
An intoxicated body is already weakened , no need to impose a violent process on it.

The best heavy metal chelators  (which really eliminate them)
are  foods.
You have  an example here  not the most powerful or the most practical, but when
even effective.
I also discovered that certain food supplements can have the effect
reverse if a dose limit is exceeded
I plan to pass  this knowledge on  to you about the chelators of
heavy metals  in book form.
But since this represents an important work, even if I already have them all
together, I need to know if you'd be interested before I get started.
Just tell me  in the comments or by email.
Thank you.
I will not be able to respond to each email, I hope you understand.

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