green tea weight loss best diet for weight loss arm fat

green tea weight loss best diet for weight loss arm fat



Elements to watch for losing weight with green tea: volume of liquid, type of tea, time of day, dosage, temperature and duration of infusion.

Green tea to lose weight?

Numerous studies show that regular consumption of green tea or green tea extracts help to boost metabolism and increase the level of basal metabolism. These factors explain, among other things, why green tea contributes to weight loss.

 Not all green teas (unfermented) have the same chemical effects and properties. Indeed, there are a large number of species of green teas each having specific virtues. To achieve optimal effects, we recommend consuming different types of high quality 

Japanese green tea (steam roasting) daily which complement each other. Wok roasted green tea, practically exclusive to China and India, is significantly less effectivein this domain.

 The health benefits of green tea as a  whole and the level of stimulation of the metabolism obviously depend on the quality and therefore on the nutritive complex that it contains. These parameters are mainly measurable via the following elements:
  • Type of tea chosen (only steam roasted and not wok roasted).
  • Quality / know-how of the plantation from which it comes.
  • Method of preparing tea.
In addition to the specific preparation tips for losing weight, you can also consult the article focused on the preparation of green tea in general. A number of basic factors and utensils are the keystones essential for the proper preparation of tea and obtaining the best effects from this unusual plant. You will find additional information in the article Green tea against disease. 

Type of green tea

For metabolism stimulation, we recommend Sencha, Gyokuro and Bancha. Gyokuro is ideal in the morning, Sencha can be drunk in the afternoon and Bancha is excellent in the evening (little caffeine). In addition, it can be recommended to drink Matcha and Benifuuki (powdered green tea). You can also take supplements of green tea extracts.

Quality of green tea

We regularly test the degree of effectiveness of the different types of tea between them and within the same category, with a kinesiological (non-scientific) approach. Our analysis shows us that the different teas have positive effects on health from 79% (basic grade). The quality> 85% (premium) is suitable for mild weight problems. For individuals experiencing severe metabolic problems (pronounced overweight or obesity) we recommend at least a quality> 90% (super premium).

How much tea should you drink?

For an adult looking for a palpable and visible effect on their metabolism, we recommend the following quantities and preparations: at least 2 or 3 servings of 0.3l tea per day . Dosage: 2 teaspoons of tea per serving, except for Gyokuro: 3 spoons. Teenagers should divide the portions by 2: 1 teaspoon of tea per serving, except for Gyokuro: 1.5 spoons. Drink 0.3l of water per serving of tea ingested. Warning: increasing these doses does not increase the result and can be bad. It is regularity that counts.

Caffeine makes you lose weight

Gyokuro and Sencha both contain significant amounts of caffeine. However, this caffeine is much better tolerated by the body than that present in coffee or other caffeinated industrial drinks. This is due to the fact that the caffeine in green tea has a chemical bond with L-Theanine. In our opinion, this caffeine has a positive effect on metabolism . Please note: however, do not abuse it during the day. Bancha  contains much less caffeine, which is why it is also recommended as an evening drink.

When to drink tea?

It is best to spread consumption over the day. In the morning: a portion of Gyokuro, at midday or in the afternoon: a portion of Sencha and in the evening: a portion of Bancha. Tea should not be drunk with meals - it affects digestion. Avoid drinking it on an empty stomach. It is therefore preferable to drink Gyokuro and Sencha between meals. Bancha, on the other hand, can be drunk relatively close to the evening meal.

Drink water

Very important  : green tea dehydrates and the last thing we want, in case of metabolism problem, is to lack water in the body. For each serving of tea, you should therefore drink at least the same volume of fresh water , at best within 10 or 20 minutes. If green tea triggers a great thirst, lower the doses and gradually go up.

Lose weight sustainably

The most important condition for successfully losing weight by drinking green tea is to not do violence to drink the tea. If you force yourself to drink it or if side effects  appear, it is absolutely necessary to reduce the doses to an acceptable level. In addition, at first, it may be useful to replace Sencha with Bancha or Sencha KariganĂ©. These teas are generally much better tolerated. Thereafter one can start consuming low doses of Sencha and gradually increaseup to a normal dose. Gyokuro is generally better tolerated but it can also be substituted. It is very good to replace it with Bancha and to go up gradually. In no case should the consumption of green tea be aggressive - it can even be counterproductive. Green tea is very effective, even in low doses, especially when the body indicates that the dosage is excessive. "It takes little to be happy" is a message to keep in mind, even when it comes to health.

Green tea and medicines

Green tea can have negative interactions with certain medications or treatments. In case of illness or serious health problems, it is imperative to consult the advice of your doctor or specialist in order to make a thorough diagnosis and discuss the effects of green tea. We also invite you to consult the article The Risks of Green Tea

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