health tips for children to keep your child healthy

10 Tips for Healthy Eating for Kids

health tips for children to keep your child healthy
Getting a balanced diet for your child is not always easy. Here are 10 tips to help you develop healthy eating habits from an early age.

I eat breakfast

 health tips for children to keep your child healthy
Of course, a balanced breakfast is the best. Even if this isn't possible, bananas and a glass of milk are much better than not having breakfast. Eating breakfast will help you to wake up and maintain your daily energy.
If you grow up so that you can eat breakfast well when you are a child, you should be able to maintain that habit even if you grow up.

Choose healthy sweets

health tips for children to keep your child healthy

When you want to eat something a little, it's easy to reach for potato chips or biscuits, but these sweets tend to be low in nutrition and high in calories.
Instead, make sure you have healthy snacks such as fruits, unsalted nuts, and unsweetened yogurt.

Drink water

Try to choose water or tea for your drink, and give juice or sweet drinks occasionally. .
Juice contains important nutrients, and it nourishes the active and growing body, but when it is thirsty, it is a sugar-sweetened drink so that it does not take too much sugar. Instead, get in the habit of drinking water first.


Cultivating vegetables at home is a fun way to teach children how to make food and encourage a varied diet.
If you help with sowing, watering, harvesting, etc., you are more likely to eat vegetables that you are not good at, such as broccoli and carrots.

eat together

Adults are more likely to have dinner in front of the TV, have lunch at the desk while working, or have a light meal while rushing around.
However, if you surround your table with your children and eat regularly, not only will you reduce sweets, but you will also learn important 

Have fun in the kitchen

Knowing how to cook makes children want to eat more.
Give your own apron and ask your kitchen regularly for a bit of help so that you can enjoy cooking.


Eating slowly is also effective for weight management regardless of age. It may also be a good idea to teach your child that a full stomach takes about 20 minutes from the stomach to the brain.
It's tempting to ask the children to finish their meal in just a few minutes, but learning to chew slowly and well is much more important.

Be creative

The bright colors of fruits and vegetables are all derived from natural  that have a positive effect on our physical health. Eat different colors every day while enjoying the differences in colors.
To make your child interested, you may want to choose various fruits and vegetables and cut them into interesting shapes to make them look more fun and exciting.

Learn the timing of "Feast"

A child has the ability to stop eating when he is full by birth. However, it is often difficult for parents to determine if a child has eaten enough.
Teaching your child to listen to his or her stomach and ask yourself, "Are you full?" Will also be

never give up

According to Nestle s research, most infants have to eat 7 to 10 times before they like a new food. Don't be afraid to let your child experience new or unusual tastes. A good way to feed your child a variety of foods is to teach that tasting new foods is a sign of growth.
Or you can take it to a shop, choose healthy foods you haven't eaten before, and put them on the table with your favorite ones. Is required).

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