healthy high protein snacks heart healthy foods

how to make healthy high protein snacks heart healthy foods
how to make healthy high protein snacks heart healthy foods 

In the list of family goals, teaching children to eat healthy should be one of the first places. 
Usually, parents understand well what is good and what isn’t, and they know that children should eat, but this does not mean that

how to make healthy high protein snacks heart healthy foods

only such products get on the table each time. From personal preferences, time limits, and just tiredness, sometimes we make bad choices (we order pizza, go to the diner with our children and eat a hot dog and a puff of 

cheese). There is nothing to worry about if you do not do this every day. But, like in any other part of our lives, we can always improve nutrition.

There is always the opportunity to add a little more healthy nutrition to our diets. At a minimum - adding seasonal fruits and vegetables every day.
Here are 5 tips to help your children get the nutrients they need while being happy.

1. Let the children participate in the preparation of the meal! There are many ways to teach children to make healthy decisions about nutrition, and co-cooking is one of the best ways. This will give them a positive experience
how to make healthy high protein snacks heart healthy foods
that will help them live a healthy future.
Here are some ideas on how children can take part in cooking:
  • let them make a meal plan or choose a side dish, discuss their choice with you
  • even the smallest helpers can help you cook - wash or cut (older children) vegetables, stir in a salad in a dish, crush spices in a mortar, etc.
  • let them choose a new fruit and / or vegetable on the market or in the store that you can try together, or a new type of natural vinegar as salad dressing, a new spice
2. Select a few things that you will work together. For example, drink more water. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Add healthy cereals. The idea is to focus on a few simple changes at the same time as a family. Then each member of the family observes, reminds, and thereby helps others. Children

how to make healthy high protein snacks heart healthy foods
here are great helpers.
It’s easier to set a few specific goals than change all your habits overnight. This may mean, among other things, adding fruit or vegetables at every meal. Apple for breakfast, fresh carrot for lunch, vegetable salad for dinner. Or you can make the switch to whole grain pasta from ordinary. On coarser bread, with bran, instead of white. Many small changes lead to big improvements in overall eating habits over time.
3. Set the boundaries.

 If children are involved in the process, this does not mean that they rule the ball, otherwise you may find that all your dishes have shifted to the sweet and dessert side.
As a parent, you must establish specific dishes and snacks that are included in the diet for a particular meal. Remove the habit of "grabbing" between meals: the children will have to wait until it is time to eat, then the children eat much better at lunch. Both children and you should have time to get hungry for the next meal, but this is not possible if you constantly grab something in the kitchen. Children love to try new foods when they are hungry. And indeed, all food tastes better when we are hungry. Being hungry between meals will 
ultimately help children (and you) eat better.

how to make healthy high protein snacks heart healthy foods  4. Healthy eating is fun! We can help our children to be happy, adding joy to our lives. This also applies to nutrition. A little delicious food, interest in grecipes beautifu dishes, a selection of interesting products in the store planning

 a family menu - it's fun! Grab various new fruits and vegetables at the store. You can cook them simply or hard as you like; arrange family tastings, be creative!

Eat on the topic. Let your children come up with the theme of the day, and then you and them find new recipes to try them together. Italian evening, space food, green day ... The possibilities are endless! The more you come up with, the more ideas you may have.

how to make healthy high protein snacks heart healthy foods  5. Keep it up! Do not give up after the first  or upturned nose, when the new dish was unsuccessful and no one in the family liked it. Children need time to get used to new food and change. Perseverance and patience will be required of you, but over time, the kids will enjoy healthy food and new sensations in the body, because a healthy diet will 

undoubtedly cause these improvements. Be consistent with the restrictions that you set. Gradually remove chips, soda and hot dogs from your life. Plan meals and snacks in advance in order to stick to your schedule, not to cook something at the last moment (when it turns out that there is not enough food at home).

In any case, if you are just starting your healthy journey or already know all the moves and exits, we all always have the opportunity to improve. Let your children participate in changing the family’s habits for the better, setting clear boundaries merrily, having patience and being creative in preparing delicious new dishes. All these small changes help raise happy, healthy children!

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